Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting

via Photo Challenge: Reflecting


Reflecting: it can be of yourself; or it can be of urban night; or it can be a mountain lake , cool & perfect & clear.

Reflecting: Myself, distorted. In a public restroom in the summer, capturing a quiet moment away from social obligation. A vague numbness of image reflecting visually to others an internal blurring; an intrinsic quicksilver changing. I am shadow and I am sunlight & even whilst sharing, I remain only my own – unseen.



Reflecting: A broken city shining in a carpark puddle. An empty lot, of dry & dusty stones suddenly submerged. A storm has recently ripped through Christchurch Town & created oceans upon the land – in its depths the city gleams, solitary and torn apart.

parking lot

(Insight: My town was devastated by an Earthquake almost 7 years ago now. The Central City is still blocks of empty lots with small gems of nightlife gleaming in the dark).

Reflecting: A mirror tahn  – the earth’s unearthly beauty. Pristine; majestic; The Sublime. This is in New Zealand, high amongst the Southern Alps.




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